How to find the side of a right triangle knowing one side and one angle quiz.

This quiz is ideal for kids in grade 8 practicing right triangle properties knowledge. Students will practice finding the side of a right triangle knowing one side in trigonometry in this quiz. The Pythagorean theorem will not be covered in this quiz but in a subsequent quiz, game and worksheet related.

Right triangles in Trigonometry resources

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Today you love to solve puzzles. However, do you remember your childhood days, when there was a question like how to find one side of a right triangle, how confused and scared you were? Today you will find this question as amusing as a puzzle and you will eagerly solve it; but that was not the case in your childhood, right? Same is the case with your child! S/He is not very fascinated with the idea of solving problems like these. Make her/him interested in solving them. There are lots of tools like right triangle hypotenuse calculator online. You can also get right triangle trigonometry and Pythagorean Theorem worksheets and properties of right angled triangle review and video tutorials. With these tools, you can create a fascination about these problems in your child. Make her/him realize what a fun there is in solving right triangles problems using the Pythagorean Theorem.